Wedding Party

We want to thank the ten people below for being such amazing friends. You are all more than just friends, you are our family. We love you and can’t imagine our big day without you beside us!

Kris’s Attendants

destinyandiDestiny Coplin, Maid Of Honor

I met Destiny working as a pharmacy intern at Walmart. This work acquaintance quickly turned into one of the best friends I’ve ever had. She truly is a kindred spirit and understands me when no one really can. We have a lot of the same views on life which helps me feel like I’m not so alone in my thoughts. I’m so proud to call her my maid of honor and my best friend.


stephanieandiStephanie Adams, Bridesmaid

I owe my relationship with Landon to my amazing friendship with Stephanie. Stephanie and I attended pharmacy school together and even ended up on a rotation in Alaska together where our friendship became even stronger. She is one of the kindest, most caring, and creative people I know and has gotten me through great and not so great times. I couldn’t imagine my wedding day without her.


peytonandiPeyton Morhous Cline, Bridesmaid

What can I say about Peyton but that she bring me to tears from laughter every time I’m around her. Another pharmacy school friend, she’s an amazing person who knows just how to cheer me up when I’m feeling down. Her sense of humor is the best and I know whenever I see Peyton, my cheeks are soon to be sore from smiling. I’m so happy she will be beside me when I say “I do.”


mahoandiMaho Hibino, Bridesmaid

Maho and I have only known each other for 7 months, but she’s quickly become one of my best friends. We met through our respective PGY2 residency programs at UW Medicine (she’s an oncology resident) in Seattle. She is hilarious, smart and a super caring individual. I admire her strength and dedication to her work, her family and her friends. We’ve attended many a happy hour together and I love the fact that she is always up to just hang out with a friend. I’m so happy I met my little Maho who has turned into my Seattle sister.


alexandiAlex Shillingburg, Bridesmaid

Alex is such an amazing person. I’m convinced she might be the smartest pharmacist to ever live. She and I attended pharmacy school together and were best friends through all four years. She has stood beside me in some of the lowest points in my life and has been a fantastic friend throughout it all. I’m so happy she will be there for our big day and even more happy she is one of my closest friends.


Landon’s Dudes

Stephen Adams, Man of Honor
Stephen and I have been friends since 7th grade (1997). During this time, we’ve taken part in many shenanigans together. We survived close calls with almost killing ourselves in a gasoline fire to, years later, becoming less stupid and eventually managing to work together. Along with Dave (below), we porch. It’s been fun all along and I’m glad that we’ll both have been each others’ wedding.
David Hudson, Groomsman
I met Dave during my employment at the FBI. Actually, Stephen met him first and forced me to be around him. But, as it turns out, Dave’s a pretty cool guy. Along with Stephen (above), we porch. He’s part goofy, part brilliant, and he loves to drink Big Red.
Brendan Kenny, Groomsman
Brendan and I met during a Seattle brewery tour.  Apart from sampling some great brews, it became quickly apparent that we both loved cars.  A few beers and car discussions later, we were already friends.  These shared obsessions mean that he’s stuck with me.
Evan Kohout, Groomsman
Evan is another guy that I met while we were both working for the FBI. During our time there, we carpooled together and practiced our shared passion for upsetting people. Better yet, I got him a job in Seattle and an apartment one street up from me.
Justin Clyburn, Groomsman
Justin is my younger clone. When I first started dating Kris, I thought she was exaggerating about our similarities. But after I got to know Justin just a bit, we both realized that it was true. That’s a good thing for me since he’ll soon be a family member.

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