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About Kris

I am the daughter of Earl and Joan Clyburn of Kellysville, West Virginia. I graduated from West Virginia University in 2011 with my Doctorate of Pharmacy degree. Afterwards, I headed west to Huntington, WV for my first year pharmacy practice residency at Cabell Huntington Hospital. In March 2012, I found out I was REALLY heading west. I matched to the PGY2 Specialty Residency in Critical Care at UW Medicine in Seattle, WA. Landon and I have lived in Seattle since June of 2012 and we absolutely adore our new city and can’t wait to start our married life here! I’m currently busy wrapping up the final details of my last year of residency training, planning the wedding and looking for a job. Life is very busy but absolutely fabulous. Things that I love about Landon are his sense of humor, his absolute support and understanding of my demaning career and his passion for travel. His laid back approach soothes my bad habits of worrying and overstressing. Plus he loves beer, so what’s not to like?

About Landon

I’m the son of Bobby and Beni Holley of Beckley, West Virginia. I graduated from Mountain State University  in 2008 with a BS in Information Technology.  I worked for a couple years in Beckley but got burned out with that job and took a year off to travel.  I lived in Thailand for a few months where I trained Muay Thai and had many other adventures.  Upon returning, I eventually began working for the FBI and met Kris shortly thereafter.  After her last year of pharmacy school and her first year of residency, we moved to Seattle for her second year of residency.  I now work for Costco and she just started her full-time job.  I’m amazed that I found a smart, funny, and motivated woman who loves traveling as much as I do and who puts up with my shenanigans as well as she does.  Plus she loves beer, so what’s not to like?

How we met

Facebook. That’s what I tell everybody but it’s a bit more interesting than that.

In the summer of 2010, Stephanie Adams (bridesmaid) and I headed to Alaska for a student rotation in Anchorage. Before I left, Landon messaged me (he thought I was “cute”) on Facebook in regards to my trip and how he had a friend up there that had suggested some cool places for us to check out during our 5 week stint in AK. We were essentially strangers at that point. We had only seen each other twice, once at Stephen (best man) and Stephanie’s wedding and one other time at the movies with a group of people.

Message after message revealed that we had a lot in common including our love for travel, our amazement of the universe and all things science, and our pure desire to live life to it’s absolute fullest. Messages led to phone calls and by the time I returned to West Virginia, we were essentially already a couple.

There was no akwardness, we simply knew we belonged together. We became Kris and Landon officially on 08-09-10 (arbituary date for my sake since I’m HORRIBLE with dates) and we’ve never looked back.

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